Exploring the Path to Connected Commerce

Diebold Nixdorf Blog – Retailers have played an undeniable role in the evolution of the consumer experience. From embracing e-commerce to making data actionable to the early adoption of mobile, the segment has truly changed the game. And its approach has been emulated across industries.

But we’re at a crossroads. While retailers have added technologies to create an omnichannel experience, their disparate systems most likely operate in silos. To deliver on consumer expectations of anytime, anywhere, anyhow shopping – what’s become known as connected commerce – the new aspiration is a common platform that enables real-time visibility and integration across every customer touchpoint.

How are retailers planning to get there? Diebold Nixdorf recently explored the path to connected commerce by sponsoring the Boston Retail Partners (BRP) 2017 Point of Sale (POS)/Customer Engagement Survey. In it, the leading retail management consulting firm examines the most significant challenges retailers face in their focus on consumer centricity. And it reveals their priorities and initiatives as they work toward a common platform.

Establishing a Framework

The survey was based on the premise that if we built a framework for connected commerce, customer experience would be at the foundation. Retailers can no longer differentiate simply with their product, or entice consumers with competitive pricing alone. Strongly influenced by personal computing, mobile technology and digital innovations, today’s consumers are more likely to consider the experience the key differentiator that leads them to choose – and remain loyal to – a retail brand.

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