Express drops clues for two-way conversation pitching new brand ambassador

Mobile Marketer – Express is drumming up excitement for its newest celebrity brand ambassador by dispersing clues, in the form of short clips and photos, on its Snapchat and Instagram accounts, inviting fans to guess the mystery man’s identity.

Express is once again leveraging its social media channels as a way of promoting two-way conversations with its customers. This time, the retailer is preparing to add another brand ambassador to its lineup and is foreshadowing the reveal by posting Q&A’s and blurred images of the newcomer on Instagram and Snapchat to boost anticipation.

“The use of popular social media platforms in non-traditional, imaginative ways continues to garner retailer interest based on its intrinsic affordability and high exposure,” said Laura Sossong, senior consultant at Boston Retail Partners. “As a low-risk proposition with significant upside and consumer appeal, Express is certainly tapped into the large potential offered by next-generation marketing.”

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