Facebook Pages converts into purchasing platform, but further threatens big business

Mobile Commerce Daily – Facebook is announcing a host of new ways for consumers to interact with brands and businesses through the Facebook mobile application, some of which will be a considerable boost to small businesses without a large digital marketing budget.

The main features include new ways for customers to order, purchase or research purchases from a business directly through the Facebook app. For businesses of all sizes, the ubiquitous popularity of Facebook means that these new features will make interactions between brands and consumers on both ends a bit simpler.

“Facebook has become a pervasive part of many consumers’ lives. According to a recent study, more that 50 percent of U.S. adults are on Facebook at least once a month,” said David Naumann, vice president of marketing at BRP. “Since most consumers are familiar with Facebook and many are using it on a daily basis, making retail services and products available without leaving Facebook is an added convenience.

“For businesses, Facebook represents an easy way to promote new services to their followers right on Facebook. When companies promote these offerings via other marketing mediums, they can channel people to their company Facebook page which will inspire more consumers to ‘like’ their company page.”

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