Food Lion harmonizes Shazam, beacons and music for mobile coupon innovation

Mobile Commerce Daily – Food Lion is giving shoppers a way to save money by using the Shazam application to listen to a location’s music, in an innovative mobile coupon experience that also leverages beacons.

The grocery store chain is providing its in-store shoppers with a modern couponing experience, streamlining the process as well as making it an interesting experience. While the store’s music plays through overhead speakers, mobile device users allow the Shazam app to listen to the audio which then brings them to a page providing a wide range of product discounts.

“Retailers are increasingly looking for ways to engage with customers in the store,” said Todd Werden, vice president at Boston Retail Partners. “As mobile devices have become an integral part of consumers’ lives, Food Lion is finding creative ways to leverage mobile technology to enhance interactions with its customers.

“The Shazam app leverages existing technology in the store to minimize the incremental investments and provides a customer benefit without being intrusive,” he said. “Current MVP customers will see this as a value-add to their existing membership, especially the convenience of coupons added to their account automatically.”

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