The Future of Smart Packaging in the Retail Industry

TotalRetail – Nowadays, 90 percent of smartphone owners use their devices in-store to research products, meaning brand owners and retailers face tough competition. Shoppers can be tempted not only by other retail store competitors, but by online stores as well. It’s not enough to offer a good in-store experience or competitive price; consumers are looking for detailed information and personalized offers at their fingertips. Younger generations especially want active engagements with brand owners.

A number of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands are exploring NFC-enabled smart packaging as an innovative way to connect directly with customers, improve engagement and understand purchase decisions. There was an early buzz around this, and now Markets and Marketing predict that the smart packaging industry will reach $39.7 billion by 2020. So, what’s driving this resurgence in interest and how will it help brand owners and retailers connect with customers in fresh, engaging and creative ways?

NFC tags can contain unique identifiers by item, not just product type, allowing retailers to connect with shoppers personally. Brands can build customer loyalty by delivering exclusive content such as relevant cross-sell and upsell opportunities and discounts for regular purchases. In fact, 4info research shows that campaigns offering a promotion outperform others by up to 80 percent. If customers can access that discount while next to the item, they’re more likely to make a purchase.

To enable this personalized experience, customer identification is critical, as noted by BRP Consulting in its 2018 POS Survey. By using NFC to engage directly with customers and build information on their behavior and likes, the brand owner or retailer can be sure that in the future specific offers are perfectly targeted to increase the chances for conversion.

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