Future Store Manifesto: Real-time Retail Changes Everything: Study

Progressive Grocer – In an era of significant, fundamental transformation within the store environment, Boston Retail Partners (BRP) has articulated its vision of the future store while identifying the challenges and imperatives retailers face in delivering on consumer expectations in its recently released “The Future Store Manifesto.”

“Stores must now encompass both worlds – the sensory experience of the physical store combined with the personalization and convenience of online shopping. The most successful retailers will seamlessly blend the physical with the digital in the future store,” said Ken Morris, principal, Boston Retail Partners. “Retailers can no longer afford to operate from within silos and must transform their technology, business processes, and organization to align with their customers’ expectations.”

“The technology in stores today is outdated and broken – it can’t support the real-time connection between the consumer, the associate, inventory and pricing essential to the omni-channel experience. It’s time for change,” added Eric Olafson, SVP of store solutions for Demandware, which sponsored the Future Store Manifesto research.

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