Gap unzips summer sales with mobile passport for earning badges, winning prizes

Mobile Commerce Daily – Gap is tightening the seams on sales this summer with a 100-day-long sweepstakes encouraging customers to complete daily selfie challenges to earn badges using a mobile-optimized passport feature and potentially win prizes.

Gap’s Passport to Summer sweepstakes asks consumers to sign into the designated microsite via Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus or Instagram to receive access to daily challenges, which include tasks such as posting a photo of a favorite frozen yogurt combination. The summer-long contest offers players an incentive to check for new content each day and also provides easy access to discount codes, a feature that will likely ramp up sales for Gap as consumers begin stocking up on warm-weather apparel and accessories.

“Most consumers will probably be more interested in the 40 percent-off coupon code than the chance to win a sweepstakes prize, because the discount is a sure thing,” said David Naumann, vice president of marketing at Boston Retail Partners.

“However, there is a segment of consumers that will enjoy the thrill of seeing how many entries they can get by participating in all of the selfie opportunities,” he said. “The selfies are fun and it gets consumers to continue to interact with the brand on a daily basis to see what the theme of the day will be.”

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