Harvey Nichols transforms into Holly Nichols for women’s wear push

Luxury Daily – British department store chain Harvey Nichols is getting in touch with its feminine side in a multichannel makeover in honor of its newly renovated women’s floor.

For the month of September, the retailer has changed its name to Holly Nichols, with both its bricks-and-mortar and online presence reflecting the updated persona. While a promotion for its updated store look, the campaign also hits as the United Kingdom celebrates the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage, allowing Harvey Nichols to align its marketing with broader themes of female empowerment.

“Brands today shouldn’t think twice about celebrating historical ‘wins’ and emphasizing their core principles,” said Beatrice Egan, senior consultant at Boston Retail Partners, Boston. “Staging this female takeover not only creates buzz but reinforces the brand’s steadfast values.”

“Changing the name to ‘Holly Nichols’ above its doors and on social media shows the brand’s firm commitment to female empowerment,” Boston Retail Partners’ Ms. Egan said. “Referencing a historical London moment reminds consumers of Harvey Nichols’ strong British legacy.”

“Consumers will remember this display of character for years to come,” Ms. Egan said. “Harvey Nichols is hoping to imprint on customers two brand equities: one, they continue to support women’s rights and two, they are a British brand with a strong history. Consumers want to shop at brands they feel connected with,” she said. “This extends beyond social media and the right merchandising mix to shared values and experiences.”

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