How Siloed Legacy Processes Push Your Buyers to Amazon

Signifyd – Most retailers have incorporated mobile into their strategies, but frankly, some have done a better job than others. Sephora, which merged its in-store, digital and customer service teams in October 2017, continues to be an innovator in the mobile space.

“By focusing on the user experience first and foremost, Sephora has been able to separate themselves from the majority of retailers who spend too much time inside the box or are too focused on having a mobile experience for the sake of having one,” Ryan Grogman, senior vice president and practice lead at BRP, retail consulting firm, told us by email.

Complementing the mobile experience is the rise of social media. Many forward-thinking retailers are using advanced information gathering and consumer segmentation through increased social media interactions.

“Outside of transacting on social platforms, consumers are using that medium to discuss preferences, provide reviews, and seek input from their connections,” Grogman said. He also pointed out that retailers who can leverage mobile and social may help improve the effectiveness of flash sales.

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