In Pursuit Of The Perfect Payments-As-A-Service Pairing – When it comes to full-service payments, one size does not fit all. With more options available than ever before, PYMNTS spoke with Perry Kramer, vice president of Boston Retail Partners, about how his team helps retailers adopt new payments solutions. You can find that, plus the latest headlines and a directory of 75 global players, inside the October Payments as a Service Tracker™.

To find out how companies can choose the best solutions for their needs, PYMNTS recent caught up with Perry Kramer, vice president of Boston Retail Partners, to talk about the state of the full-service payments industry, the method his team uses when helping retailers find and adopt new payments solutions and what he sees coming down the pike.

Here’s a preview:

The glut of full-service features and solutions in the marketplace is having an effect not only on the modern merchant but also on the modern consumer.

As more retailers roll out experiences designed to improve their customer in-store experience, consumers are beginning to expect merchants to cater to their various whims. That may include faster or mobile checkout processes, loyalty programs, targeted promotions or many other perks or benefits.

Kramer noted that many merchants come to him and his team looking to solve this challenge by upgrading their payment systems so that they can offer their customers some of these features.

“Everything right now is centered around understanding the customer and being more in touch with them,” Kramer said. “It’s about identifying … what they want and finding out how we give them a personalized experience and, on the payments side, a frictionless experience.”
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