Kering hopes to push industry towards sustainability with new standards

Luxury Daily – As traditional luxury brands strive to become more transparent about their sustainability practices, French luxury conglomerate Kering is the latest to introduce new standards regarding animal welfare.

Today’s shoppers, including the highly coveted millennials and Gen Zers, are becoming more vocal about their preference for sustainable brands, and many high-end brands are emerging to fill this consumer need. Meanwhile, groups of heritage labels such as Kering need to balance their identity as luxury businesses while moving in more eco-conscious directions.

While Kering hopes to lead by example regarding sustainability in luxury, other players in the industry have also revealed more stringent sourcing guidelines.

“Consumers are reading labels to learn about the source of the materials in products and often make purchasing decisions based on the sustainability standards of the product,” said David Naumann, vice president of marketing at BRP, retail consulting firm. “Transparency in material sourcing is a becoming a new customer expectation and retailers are realizing the importance of aligning with higher standards for the source of materials and the environments for the animals that are used in products.”

“Ideally, there should be an independent organization that monitors and certifies farmers and manufacturing plants for ethical and sustainable practices to make it easy for consumer to know if a brand or product is in accordance with consistent standards,” Mr. Naumann said. “Brands that truly ‘walk the talk’ on these environmental issues will foster more brand loyalty among environmentally conscious consumers.”

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