AI is not here to take jobs, just to make work more meaningful

F3 News – Many fear that AI is taking away jobs, but this notion is misguided. Recent trends show that companies are using artificial intelligence and automation to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and enhance communication among employees — not to cut workforces.

Virtual reality plays growing role in retail

The Republic – Retailers are using the technology to help customers visualize products and make purchasing decisions. See comments from BRP, retail consulting firm.

The Post-Purchase Experience Is Essential to Retaining Customers

CRM Magazine – It’s a well-established fact that repeat customers are more valuable to businesses than new ones, according to a recent report from BRP, retail consulting firm.

Unified Commerce Is Essential to Meeting Customer Expectations

CRM Magazine – To keep up with consumers’ habits and expectations, retailers must move to a unified commerce model BRP (retail consulting firm) concludes in a recent report.

Virtual reality plays growing role in retail

Indianapolis Business Journal – Walmart is among the earliest retailers to embrace virtual reality on a large scale. See comments from Jeffrey Neville, SVP, BRP retail consulting firm.

How Many People Use Mobile Coupons in the US?

eMarketer – This year, 134.0 million mobile users in the US will use a mobile coupon (an 8.0% increase from 2017). According to a study by BRP, retail consulting firm, 65% of US shoppers would be more likely to shop at a retailer if they received a proximity-triggered mobile coupon.

Coming to a city near you: Ikea, new and (maybe) improved

Retail Dive – The furniture retailer is opening 30 small-store concepts in urban areas and refocusing e-commerce and delivery efforts. See comments from Ken Morris, principal at BRP, retail consulting firm.

An Agile Mindset Could Be Key for Retail Transformation

Convenience Store Decisions – A new report from BRP, retail consulting firm, reveals that an agile mindset can make a big difference in a company’s ability to quickly adapt to changes.

Las Vegas stores using virtual reality for holiday shopping

Las Vegas Review Journal – Two stores in the Las Vegas area have found opposite uses for virtual reality this year — one to add people onto the sales floor, the other to remove people from the sales floor. See comments from David Naumann, VP of Marketing at BRP, retail consulting firm.

Walmart uses virtual reality to train for Black Friday

Idaho Business Review – As retailers prepare for the traditional Black Friday start to holiday shopping, they are turning to a new tool: virtual reality. See new research findings on VR from BRP, retail consulting firm.

2019 Retail Trends

Business 2 Community – Fifty-five percent of retailers plan to leverage the technology within three years, according to the 2018 Customer Experience/Unified Commerce Survey from BRP, retail consulting firm.

Satisfying Return Policies Can Lead to Loyalty

eMarketer – Flexible returns have also become a differentiating factor that can make or break customer loyalty. See findings from BRP retail consulting firm.

Fashion’s infatuation with AR continues, but only certain use cases inspire consumer engagement

Glossy – As fashion brands are embracing augmented reality, the question remains of whether there is an actual appetite for such tools or if brands are pushing them in spite of apathy from consumers. See comments from Jeffrey Neville, SVP at BRP, retail consulting firm.

Brand collaborations lead to double exposure for retailers

Luxury Daily – To capture consumer attention, a growing number of retailers and department stores have partnered with luxury brands to create more engaging campaigns. See Comments from David Naumann, VP of Marketing, BRP, retail consulting firm.

Customer identification is key to personalization—yet most are anonymous until checkout

Bulldog Reporter – Customer identification is the first step necessary to personalize the shopping experience, yet most in-store shoppers are anonymous until they check out. See findings from BRP, retail consulting firm.