Lane Crawford offers guide to living well in multichannel campaign

Luxury Daily – Chinese department store chain Lane Crawford is helping consumers elevate their well-being through a campaign that invites them to learn and play.

“Good Feels” includes a series of workshops that allow shoppers to get in touch with their artistic or spiritual sides. Beyond serving as purveyors of physical goods, retailers are increasingly positioning themselves as one-stop shops for both acquisition and personal improvement.

“Lane Crawford has recognized that consumers are more and more seeking experiences over material items,” said Beatrice Egan, senior consultant at Boston Retail Partners, Boston. “The emphasis on health and wellness experiences and becoming a lifestyle brand is a global trend.

“Increasing customer engagement through these wellness workshops should drive more store traffic at Lane Crawford stores and ultimately more sales,” she said. “For example, after attending a workshop about getting a better night’s sleep, it might inspire customers to shop for a silk eye mask and Frette bedding.”

“Consumers are ditching their shopping bags for salt caves, luxury work out classes and organic meal delivery programs as ways to enhance their health and lives,” BRP’s Ms. Egan said. “Lane Crawford is positioning the brand as not only a destination for lifestyle goods, but a Lane Crawford way of living.”

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