Las Vegas stores using virtual reality for holiday shopping

Las Vegas Review Journal – Two stores in the Las Vegas area have found opposite uses for virtual reality this year — one to add people onto the sales floor, the other to remove people from the sales floor.

The Macy’s in Downtown Summerlin has added a headset to its furniture department to attract shoppers and show them what couches and other furniture look like inside a home.
Meanwhile, the Walmart near the intersection of Boulder Highway and Nellis Boulevard has added headsets to a room in the back of the store, away from the sales floor, for employees to train on how to interact with customers.

These companies are part of a growing number of retailers that experiment with new technology to directly and indirectly benefit shoppers.

Retailers tend to play catch up when it comes to adopting new technology, said David Naumann, marketing vice president at BRP, Retail Consulting Firm, which works with retailers and restaurants.

They tend to wait for someone to prove the value of new hardware or software before implementing the technology in stores.

But shoppers are increasingly demanding to shop with virtual and augmented reality — virtual reality meaning someone wears a headset and is immersed in a digital world, augmented reality meaning someone looks at a live cellphone video and sees digital elements interacting with the real world.

BRP data show that half of customers are more likely to shop with a retailer that uses virtual or augmented reality and that 32 percent of retailers plan to incorporate that technology in the next three years.

“As more and more retailers adopt VR or AR technology over the next few years, this will increase customers’ expectations for the same from other retailers that they shop,” Naumann said.

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