Let's be (Facebook) friends: How retailers can engage customers on social media

FoodDive – The U.S. Supermarket Shopper Digital Update, released by the Retail Feedback Group, found that just 25% of shoppers are connected to their primary grocery store on social media, according to Grocery Headquarters. The report showed the social media sites most frequented by shoppers include Facebook (89%), YouTube (53%) Twitter (30%), Pinterest (29%) and Instagram (28%). More than half of shoppers — 56% — interact with their primary food store on one or more digital platforms. These include looking at the digital circular (65%), researching special promotions (48%) and building grocery lists (46%).

Marketers almost universally praise social media as the way to reach more customers, but grocery retailers don’t seem to be establishing those all-important relationships as much as they should. A report from Boston Retail Partners last August found that 81% of all retailers using social media to engage with customers believe their processes need improvement.

More than 23% of consumers between the ages of 18-32 said they prefer to learn about the different sales and see customer reviews on social media sites, so it’s important to set up a strong social media presence.

Recent statistics show that 73% of marketers are increasing their use of video, and many analysts believe that’s the best way for grocery to attract more people to their social media pages.

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