Location-Based Technology: Plotting The Right Course

Retail TouchPoints – The potential opportunities available through location-based services (LBS) are transforming the retail industry and are essential to delivering enhanced customer experiences in 2016 and beyond. Cracking the Code: Deciphering Retail Location-Based Services Technology, a white paper from Boston Retail Partners, breaks down the nuances of each solution, from GPS to WiFi to RFID to Bluetooth and more, with in-use examples from retail giants North Face, Target, Burberry, Argos and Macy’s. LBS is here; are you ready to plot your course?

Why You Need Location-Based Services

With the staggering proliferation of mobile devices, it has never been easier or more vital for a business to take, and make actionable decisions from, the data that is literally walking through its doors. Mobile’s growth also spurs the influence of in-store purchasing decisions, as 75% of consumers report using smartphones in browsing, shopping or finding product information. Location-based services leverage this technology, help control the overall experience and yield valuable behavioral data.

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