Macy’s closing should be a call to action

Daily Mail WV – The news was sad, but hardly surprising. Macy’s will close its Charleston store in a few months, after a clearance sale. I shopped there over the holidays and came away thinking its days were surely numbered, that it wouldn’t survive the next round of downsizing. Merchandise selection was poor, and clerks were few and far between. Likewise, customers.

An article on a website called Retail Touchpoints says malls that will survive in coming years — and it predicts many will not — must let go of the anchor concept.

“Mall operators have plenty of options to replace anchor department stores and apparel retailers, adding space for events and pop-up stores, grocery stores, smaller format stores and even coworking spaces. These locations can be much smaller than the large anchors that occupied the spaces for decades.”

Ken Morris of Boston Retail Partners mentioned an Apple Store as offering “something for everyone, regardless of if you’re six or seven years old, or 70 years old. It’s an event. It’s theater, and the reality is that’s going to draw people all of the time.”

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