Macy’s spurs omnichannel push as broad physical retail contraction looms

Mobile Commerce Daily – With Macy’s online sales growing at a brisk pace during the recent holiday shopping season while in-store sales contracted even more than expected, the retailer is scaling back its bricks-and-mortar business and reinvesting the savings to accelerate its omnichannel strategy in 2016.

Consumers are shifting shopping behaviors online – increasingly driven by mobile – at a pace that some traditional retailers are finding hard to keep up with. While Macy’s has been aggressively pursuing a mobile strategy for some years now, news that it will restructure in 2016, including closing 40 stores, points to just how significant the evolution in shopping is.

“As one of the leaders in mobile commerce, Macy’s can continue to bolster its success by adding more real-time capabilities and analytics that enhance the customer experience based on ‘customer context’ – the interrelated factors of customer insights and environmental conditions that make the shopping experience relevant,” said Ken Morris, principal at Boston Retail Partners.

“Real-time retail is the ability for retailers to personalize the shopping experience based on an individual’s preferences, purchase history, what’s in their closet, their most recent online browsing history, time of day, weather and their physical location – all based on real-time information,” he said. “A true unified commerce experience is where Macy’s should invest.”

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