Mobile can lead luxury brands to more personalized customer experiences: report

Luxury Daily – Mobile can help luxury retailers identify customers and personalize their experiences accordingly. One of the top priorities for retailers this year will be identifying customers and delivering unique, personalized experiences based on that identification, according to a new report from Boston Retail Partners.

BRP’s “The Mobile World of Retail” report stresses the importance of how the retail experience needs to be unique and personalized for each consumer, and how mobile devices can help. Offering personalized experiences is something that will especially benefit luxury brands who rely on offering their customers an experience suited specifically to them beyond a standard retail trip.

“Luxury retailers have been much more aggressive than other retailers in enabling their store level teams with mobile devices for engaging the customer,” said Perry Kramer, vice president and practice lead for BRP, Boston.  “Some savvy luxury retailers have even supplied each store associate with their own mobile device.

“For the most part, these devices are focused on giving the sales associate the ability to e-mail the customer, (before and after the sale), schedule appointments, inform the customer of new products and, most importantly, providing access to real-time inventory so that they can stay at the customer’s side when they check on something or see if the product is in the backroom. This is the high-end experience that consumers are expecting.”

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