Mobile coupons drive customer loyalty

Retail Dive – As retailers compete for customers both online and in-stores, BRP’s report highlights the importance of building a mobile presence in tandem with a physical one, rather as separate endeavors. “A retailer’s mobile capabilities can be a major driver for where a consumer chooses to shop,” Marty Whitmore, senior vice president and practice lead at BRP, said in a statement. “With 67% of consumers choosing a store based on the availability of mobile coupons and 64% choosing a store based on product information availability via a mobile device, these are essential mobile capabilities for retailers.”

The success of a mobile-meets-store experience relies on providing customers the information they want without taking too much of their information in exchange for the convenience. The plans retailers shared with BRP to offer identification by WiFi, beacons and other technology to identify customers don’t yet match customer willingness to be identified by such measures. “Even with the best technologies to identify consumers, retailers need to convince consumers to opt-in to customer identification,” BRP noted. “They need to make it ‘valuable’ enough for customers to want to be recognized.”

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