Mobile holiday shopping shot past desktop in 2017: Facebook

Luxury Daily – This past holiday season, mobile shopping grew as the channel of choice for consumers in the United States. In a report conducted by Facebook, data showed that customers picked mobile over desktop at a rate of 81 percent on Singles’ Day Nov. 11 and 74 percent on Black Friday, Nov. 24. As time goes on, Facebook has seen more customers embrace mobile shopping and retailers adjust their strategies to adapt to the increased focus on the mobile channel.

“As more consumers use their mobile device for shopping and buying, retailers need to continue to optimize their e-commerce site for mobility,” said Marty Whitmore, senior vice president and practice lead at BRP, Boston. “Focusing on lighter content for fast loading, better visual formats for mobile, less clicks and ‘on-click’ transactions to make the purchase frictionless.

“To attract more mobile shopping retailers will need to also shift more of their marketing spend to mobile advertising,” he said. “Mobile apps are also a great way to increase engagement with loyal customers.

“The challenge is make your app very compelling so that consumers download and use your app, as they typically will only keep three or four ‘retail’ mobile apps on their device. Key app features that add value include tracking orders and getting real-time updates on services such as delivery time.”

“For U.S.-based retailers that don’t have a global presence today the challenge will be to build a global logistics capability,” Mr. Whitmore said. “Without a global e-commerce site, is difficult to fully participate in global events like Single’s Day.

“Fortunately, there are ways to expand to global markets quickly by leveraging cross-border global commerce services that accelerate the development of global e-commerce sites and navigate cross-border logistics.”

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