Mobile payments fail to impress so far this holiday season: report

Mobile Commerce Daily – Mobile wallet platforms did not fare well during this year’s Black Friday retail frenzy, most likely due to do inconsistency with retailers and consumer use, with Apple Pay at its lowest usage rate and PayPal being used more than others, according to a report from InfoScout.

The holiday weekend is known for its chaotic shopping sprees, with many retailers seeing long lines and disorderly checkout experiences, which may have led consumers’ choice to stick with established payment methods such as credit cards. On Black Friday this year Apple Pay saw only 2.7 percent use with all eligible transactions at retail locations, and Android even lower with 2 percent of possible transactions being used.

“No one wants to be ‘that person’ that holds up the line in a retail store on Black Friday,” said Marty Whitmore, vice president, Boston Retail Partners. “This lack of confidence and uncertainty around whether or not Apple Pay or Samsung Pay are accepted obviously caused a hesitancy in the consumer to present the device for payment.

“The other key takeaway is that there is still some concern around security and a general lack of awareness around the Mobile Wallet,” he said.

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