5 tips for luxury brands to get ecommerce returns right

Luxury Daily – With the rise of ever-present mobile devices, ecommerce is becoming even more common. Along with ecommerce comes the customer expectation of returns. Nowadays, customers want to be able to return products quickly and easily – something that luxury brands will have to contend with if they want to keep the fastest-growing part of the retail business. Here are five tips on how luxury brands can nail ecommerce returns from experts in the industry.

“Luxury retail has always prided itself on providing a level of customer service far above the service provided by traditional retailers,” said Perry Kramer, vice president and practice lead at Boston Retail Partners. “For as long as most of us can remember, the sale and return process in luxury retail has been based on personal relationships and a little black book of clients.

“Retailers such as Cartier and others luxury retailers are selling very high-value items online and now accepting returns in the stores from customers that may have never stepped foot in their stores,” he said. “Consumers’ understanding that they will be able to return items in a pleasant environment and treated with the highest level of respect is a key component of their customer journey.”


One of the most important things that luxury brands can do to make sure their customers are getting the most out of ecommerce returns is also one of the simplest: be upfront about how to return items.

“Luxury retailers should make the returns process easy and transparent to strengthen their relationship with customers,” said Jeff Neville, vice president of Boston Retail Partners. “Retailers should allow customers to return products across all channels, regardless of where they made the initial purchase.”

Making the return process easy to understand will build trust in the brand.

“For returning online purchases, offering free shipping and pre-printed labels will go a long way in keeping customers happy,” Mr. Neville said.


Returns have to be convenient.

Customers expect a certain level of accessibility and ease to ecommerce transactions. Brands cannot afford to make the process of returning items more difficult than it already is.

“From a transparency perspective, it is helpful to make the return policy and directions easy to find in several places, in the box and online,” Mr. Neville said. “Communicating frequently with the customer on the status of their return, receipt of goods and credit processing is key to keeping customers satisfied.”
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