Department stores offer inspiration beyond POS in resolution-themed efforts

Luxury Daily – Retailers such as Nordstrom and Barneys New York are motivating consumers to keep their New Year’s resolutions intact through features supporting a healthy lifestyle.

Consumers often put their mind to healthy eating, fitness and self-love at the start of a new year, but soon drop the ball and return to their regular habits. Messages of encouragement, recommendations and tips are easy ways for retailers to connect with consumers on a personal level beyond a point of sale, and even inspire consumers to keep up with their resolutions.

“Consumers won’t necessarily view the resolutions of designers and influencers as advice to follow, but it may inspire a similar resolution that resonates with them,” said David Naumann, vice president of marketing at Boston Retail Partners. “However, Harrods’ approach to offer health tips from influential people may actually motivate consumers to change some of their habits to become healthier in 2017.”

“Barneys’ linked the products created by the designers with their New Year’s resolutions to make it easy for consumers to shop the products from the designers they like,” Boston Retail Partners’ Mr. Naumann said. “This is a clever strategy, as it makes it easy for consumers to transition from fascination to shopping with one quick click.”

Adding in celebrity to efforts plays into consumers desire to know influencers on a more personal level.

“People are fascinated by celebrities and enjoy learning about their personalities and private lives,” Boston Retail Partner’s Mr. Naumann said. “Knowing more personal things about celebrities makes people feel more connected and enamored with them, which often increases their desire to follow them or listen to their advice.”

“Barneys’ linkage of designers’ resolutions to their respective products is a great way encourage consumers to add these items to their mental wish list for their next store visit,” he said. “In addition to some impulse online purchases, the New Year’s resolution campaigns should drive incremental store traffic and sales.”

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