New Report Finds 5% of Retailers Have Unified Commerce

RIS News – Unified commerce goes beyond omnichannel by breaking down the walls between internal channel silos and leveraging a common commerce platform to deliver a holistic, real-time, personal customer experience. While only 5% of retailers currently have true unified commerce in place, there is a huge increase in the number of omnichannel retailers this year (63% compared to 33% last year), according to Boston Retail Partner’s (BRP) 2017 Customer Experience/Unified Commerce Survey.

BRP’s new report highlights retailers’ customer experience priorities today and for the future, and how the evolution of unified commerce helps provide retailers with the right people, processes and technology to enable retailers to enhance the customer experience.

“With few exceptions, our research demonstrates that retailers have embraced unified commerce as the answer and the best way to overcome and break down the traditional silos around individual channels,” says the report. “It is encouraging to see movement down the path to unified commerce with 84% indicating they operate a multichannel or omnichannel environment, however, only 5% indicate they have reached a true unified commerce model.”

According to BRP, the retail industry has wholeheartedly embraced unified commerce with 71% of retailers indicating they have or plan to implement a single, unified commerce platform within the next three years. Enhanced networks are a critical requirement for a unified commerce environment and 76% of retailers plan to enhance or replace their network within the next three years. Currently 67% of retailers are offering a consistent product assortment across channels; however, many retailers are still struggling with manual processes as 43% indicate the processes need improvement.

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