Nina Ricci sweet friendship with a road-side baking competition

Luxury Daily – French fashion label Nina Ricci is building on its focus of friendship with a special video series that tempts followers to indulge in its fragrances.

Nina Ricci’s parfum line, Nina & Luna, is being promoted with a fun summer campaign that shows two best friends exploring Paris while embarking on a baking challenge. The “Les Gourmandises de Nina & Luna” video series represents the fragrances as the perfect accessory for the season and as a sweet treat.

“With so many new fragrances being launched, this trend-focused social marketing is taking a new, fresh approach to building consumer appeal,” said Laura Sossong, manager at BRP, Boston. “Nina Ricci is inviting customers to visualize their product as a perfect accompaniment to life’s exciting adventures, using colors and design to portray the scent as a delicious fragrance to be savored.

“This is sure to stand out to the target market, who is delighted by creative curation of campaigns involving videos that promote experiential elements,” she said. Ms. Sossong is not affiliated with Nina Ricci, but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

“Many fragrance launches rely on traditional magazine or television ads to promote their product,” BRP’s Ms. Sossong said.

“By utilizing social media capabilities in a way that personifies the perfume, on top of layering in today’s food truck trend, this unique compilation of videos and pictures will increase the excitement of younger women and make them more inclined to sample and purchase Nina Ricci fragrances,” she said.

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