Outdoor retailers put down roots in used goods

Retail Dive – As with many trends, used goods and refurbishment programs lend themselves to certain retailers more than others. Outdoors retailers are one space where they’re growing, but electronics retailers are also well-known for having robust refurbishment and repair programs, mainly because so many of those products are both expensive to make and difficult to recycle, not to mention that they’re often made from valuable resources that must be mined and manufactured first.

While some retailers may have better margins than others when it comes to refurbishing goods and selling them to someone new, the financials are not often the biggest benefit retailers can derive from keeping products in circulation. According to David Naumann, vice president of marketing at Boston Retail Partners, retail consulting firm, the appeal for outdoor retailers, in particular, comes from a customer base that’s less interested in saving money and more interested in saving the environment.

“People are more often spending their retail dollars with companies that make them feel good about spending their money,” Naumann told Retail Dive in an interview. “Especially in the outdoors space: these people enjoy the outdoors and they want to protect the outdoors so those people are probably inclined to be more socially or environmentally conscious and look more positively on the retailers that are also embracing those environmental responsibilities.”

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