The Proliferation of Mobile Devices is Driving the Rapid Shift to Unified Commerce, According to BRP’s 2017 POS/Customer Engagement Survey

89% of Retailers Plan to Offer Mobile Solutions to Associates within Three Years

Boston, MA – January 12, 2017 – According to a new report from Boston Retail Partners (BRP), the mobilization of retail and a renewed focus on customer centricity is the catalyst for the new retail paradigm of unified commerce. According to the 2017 POS/Customer Engagement Benchmarking Survey, retailers understand that the always-connected consumer expects a personalized, seamless experience wherever, whenever and however she shops and they are focused on delivering a unified customer experience.

“Unified commerce goes beyond omni-channel, putting the customer experience first, breaking down the walls between internal channel silos and leveraging a common commerce platform,” said Brian Brunk, principal at BRP. “Retailers are moving in this direction with 71% planning to have a unified commerce platform within three years.”

Critical to unified commerce are the four key pillars that define the required customer experience: personal, mobile, seamless and secure. Personalization of the customer experience is key and offering more mobile options and real-time retail are necessary to make the experience seamless across channels. To ensure the trust and loyalty of the customer, data security is also critical.

BRP’s 2017 POS/Customer Engagement Survey of top North American retailers offers insights into retailers’ current priorities and initiatives as the digital and physical worlds converge to facilitate a seamless experience across channels.

The key customer experience trends driving today’s initiatives are:

Personal – Today’s informed consumer researches products and shops anywhere and anytime and she expects a personalized experience wherever she shops.

  • 75% plan to use Wi-Fi to identify customers with their mobile devices in the store by the end of 2019
  • 80% will suggestive sell based on previous purchases within three years

Mobile – Having a constant, virtually unlimited array of information at our fingertips through mobile devices has changed the shopping experience and elevated customer expectations for customer service.

  • 89% will offer mobile solutions for associates within three years
  • 84% will use mobile POS within three years

Seamless – Real-time retail is the ability to deliver a seamless and personalized experience to the customer whenever, wherever and however she chooses to shop.

  • 71% plan to have a unified commerce platform by the end of 2019
  • 60% plan to have centralized POS within two years

Secure – Today’s retail environment requires security beyond retailers’ current focus on payments and networks.

  • 96% will have end-to-end encryption (E2EE) by the end of 2019
  • 73% will offer a single token solution across the enterprise within three years

To download the complete 2017 POS/Customer Engagement Benchmarking Survey, visit:

The 2017 POS/Customer Engagement Survey platinum sponsor is Manhattan Associates and the gold sponsors are Aptos, Diebold Nixdorf, EarthLink, Experian Data Quality, Fujitsu, PCMS, Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Tata Consultancy Services.

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