Retailers Deploy Virtual, Augmented Reality, Voice Assistants

Media Post – Retailers are moving ahead with more in-store tech ranging from virtual and augmented reality to virtual mirrors and digital voice assistants. Nearly a third (29%) plan to add augmented reality within the next thee years and 9% already use it, according to a study by BRP.

Virtual reality is also on the agenda, with 7% of retailers already using it and 14% more planning to within the next 12 months, according to the online survey of executives at North American retailers, 58% of which had sales of more than $1 billion.

BRP estimates that nearly a third (32%) of shoppers are likely to shop at a store offering an augmented reality experience and 29% would like virtual reality to be part of their shopping environment.

Other technologies are also either here or coming at retail. Artificial intelligence in the form of voice-activated, point-of-sales terminals or digital assistants are already implemented by 23% of retailers with another 30% planning to add them within the next three years.

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