Retailers should continue to test Snapchat, but at a small scale

Mobile Commerce Daily – As Snapchat is just now establishing itself as an integrated purchasing platform, consumers lack significant intent to purchase, but that does not mean retailers should not test the waters with small campaigns that include direct calls-to-action.

While campaigns that consist of user-generated content see the most success on Snapchat, as the platform flourished as a platform without advertising, call-to-action-enabled campaigns still have the opportunity to see positive results. Alternatively, retailers without a paid campaign can see a favorable outcome with organic content that entices users to complete an action such as sharing a coupon code or having users Snap their purchases for a prize.

“Savvy retailers are using Snapchat to engage their customers on a personal basis by offering special prizes, games or discounts to customers that Snap selfies that demonstrate their branded products,” said David Naumann, vice president of marketing at Boston Retail Partners. “In contrast to this customer-curated content approach, unsuccessful Snapchat campaigns are broadcasted Snapchat images published by the brand.

“When brands publish content, it is perceived as advertising and when consumers publish content, it is perceived as more genuine, interesting and fun,” he said. “The value of Snapchat as a marketing tool depends on the type of products retailers sell.

“Products that are visually appealing or have a wide range of uses are good candidates for Snapchat campaigns. Since millennials represent 70 percent of Snapchat users, products that appeal to this demographic are also good candidates for Snapchat campaigns.”

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