SCORE: Will social media play a legitimate role for small businesses?

Post-Bulletin – Many small business CEOs ask about the likelihood that social media will play a major part of the marketing efforts for companies. Some are even hoping that it is “just a flash in the pan” because it takes time and certain skills to make it happen in an effective way.

The data I read and the folks I listen to tell me eight in 10 retail execs have or plan to integrate Facebook data into their customer relationship management. Social engagement with retail brands, particularly on Facebook, is high. According to recent research, retailers are looking to leverage such interactions to gather information and improve the customer experience.

Among retail executives in North America polled by Boston Retail Partners in April last year, 31 percent had integrated their customer relationship management system with Facebook, and an additional 49 percent intended to do so within two years. Nearly seven in 10 respondents had integrated Twitter into their CRM or planned to do so within two years, and similar percentages said the same about Pinterest and Instagram.

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