Selfridges invests in art via contemporary commissions

Luxury Daily – British department store chain Selfridges is turning part of its flagship location into a permanent gallery, mixing shopping and the arts. Located in Selfridges’ soon to open Accessories Hall, the Art Block will showcase a rotating series of large-scale sculptures. This project is one of three contemporary art installations Selfridges is putting up this year, part of its larger investment in the arts.

“Selfridges’ Art Block project is a great way to create a memorable experience while shopping,” said Gene Bornac, senior vice president and practice lead at Boston Retail Partners, Boston.”Linking the Art Block to a newly opened entrance will create new traffic and generate buzz for the historic flagship location.” Mr. Bornac is not affiliated with Selfridges, but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

“The art world is a leader in fashion and style for many, and by partnering with artists, Selfridges can associate themselves with style and expression beyond product,” Mr. Bornac said. “This creates a nice differentiator against product-only competitors.”

“The Art Block will provide consumers with more reasons to visit Selfridges that are not linked to traditional shopping and product cycles,” Boston Retail Partners’ Mr. Bornac said. “Selfridges should see an increase in foot traffic around the Art Block and a social media lift from shoppers who are eager to associate themselves with art and the exhibits.”

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