Sephora uncaps color-correcting product sales via interactive mobile quiz

Mobile Commerce Daily – Sephora is leveraging sponsored content on Facebook to promote its Color Correcting Crash Course, which lets consumers discover their best-suited colors for combating undereye circles before inviting them to shop these items on the retailer’s mobile site.

Facebook users may spot one of Sephora’s ads interspersed with friends’ content in their newsfeeds, asking them to click the accompanying link to find out where they rank on the scale of color-correcting product expertise. The interactive quiz, each section of which takes under a minute to complete, includes a YouTube tutorial and call-to-action to purchase color-correcting beauty items once consumers finish.

“Engaging customers in interactive quizzes, games or contests is a great way to create a stronger bond with the brand,” said Ken Morris, principal at Boston Retail Partners. “Linking Sephora’s color correction quiz to YouTube tutorials is a smart way to educate consumers and strengthen the brand’s relationship with the consumer while increasing sales.

“As consumers get excited about color-correcting products, it helps foster brand enthusiasm, creates an ego boost that increases self-esteem and may inspire them to shop and ‘buy now’ on the mobile site.”

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