Shared Cart Functionality Essential to Omnichannel Customer Experience

Total Retail – With more options available to them than ever before, consumers’ purchase journeys are anything but linear. Consumers are shifting between channels during the purchase journey, from mobile to online to store to social media, and in no particular order, before ultimately making a purchase in a channel different than where they started. And they expect that the experience in each of those channels is seamless and consistent with the others. This is just one of the many challenges retailers face in trying to meet the needs of today’s omnichannel shoppers.

One way that retailers are seeking to address the challenge of non-linear customer purchase journeys is by introducing shared cart functionality. A shared cart refers to a single shopping cart that enables consumers to shop across channels and be able to reach their cart via phone, computer, or even in-store. They want the ability to “start anywhere and finish anywhere.” According to a recent report from BRP Consulting, 56 percent of consumers indicated they were more likely to shop at a retailer that allowed them to have a shared cart across channels instead of a retailer that does not offer this service.

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