Shoptalk 2019: IBM helps retailers deliver happiness. Again and again.

Retail Dive – Welcome to the new economy of emotion. The 4 P’s of marketing are being eclipsed by the most complicated P of all: people. Their relationships with you are now being made (and lost) on the emotional connections you make with them at every contact.

Happiness is contagious. Dissatisfaction is viral.
We’ve all read about it. If an organization isn’t in sync with how consumers think and feel, those unhappy people tell others – and do it very loudly. But if a retailer shows true concern for shopper preferences, they’ll take notice and feel understood, maybe even validated. Because they’re happy, they may become your best advocates.

You need to remove friction from the buying process with experience-driven commerce. This means providing local content and integration throughout the process. New research from BRP, retail consulting firm, found that about 89% of retailers will put mobile solutions in the hands of their store associates over the next three years.

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