Simple, speedy checkout the future of grocery

FierceRetail – Today’s grocery shopper has high demands, driven largely by expectations set by an Amazon-dominated marketplace. Consumers are looking for great service, lower prices, higher quality, personalized rewards and more checkout options. In addition, they want these services in a timely manner—no lines in-store and no lengthy fields to fill out in digital. A simple, speedy checkout.

According to a new white paper from Boston Retail Partners Consulting (BRP), the threats facing the traditional grocery industry are real. Keeping up with the changes is largely hinged upon technology-driven software solutions, and at the center of this upgrade is the need for deploying next-generation POS platforms.

“Grocery retailers are keenly aware that without the IT and operational investments necessary to support these critical, customer-demanded changes, the threats represented by so many direct and indirect competitors, such as Amazon, could be devastating,” said Scott Langdoc, vice president and practice lead at BRP. “No matter how extensive and complex the technical, operational or competitive changes to the grocery customer experience, nothing will ever be as important to the intersection of shopper satisfaction and profitable operation as speed of checkout.”

Despite customer demands, Langdoc says that less than half of U.S. regional and national grocery chains are fully enabled with advanced POS platforms capable of supporting the breadth of changing customer expectations—especially when it comes supporting the levels of personalization, engagement and flexibility that customers demand now.

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