Snickers backs up campaign with fictitious Web site

Mobile Marketer – Mars’ Snicker brand is building a multifaceted experience for its latest installment of You’re Not You When Your Hungry campaign, bringing a fake online service to life.

The Snicker brand is taking a page from modern editorial content by creating a real Web page for a fictional business featured in its latest ad campaign. The candy brand has launched a new TV spot and mobile ad campaign that advertises a fictitious service that gives customers football predictions from a psychic, supported by a real online site.

“Many retailers are executing cohesive campaigns across all channels; however, this Snickers campaign is certainly unique and will break through the clutter of traditional advertising.” said Paul Dubie, manager at BRP. “It will be interesting to see if it inspires consumers to click through to the online ordering site and actually purchase Mars products or if it annoys and alienates consumers.

“This campaign seems pretty risky for a company with a strong brand reputation,” he said.

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