SOCIAL ANALYTICS INTELLIGENCE: From Passive Measurement To Active Engagement

Retail TouchPoints – Today’s retailers and brands must be active on social media because that’s where shoppers are spending significant amounts of time. But it’s not enough to just have a Facebook page and a Twitter account, or even to simply monitor likes, shares and retweets.

Increasingly, it takes interactive activities such as contests, quizzes and polls, gamification and user-generated content. This Retail TouchPoints special report will reveal four proactive social media strategies, showing how they boost sales and raise brand profiles for companies as diverse as Starbucks, Casper, Frito-Lay and Forever 21. Success stories and key strategies include:

Starbucks: Incorporate mobile at every step
Casper: Emphasize customers’ shared experiences
Frito-Lay: Draw on consumers’ own creativity
Forever 21: Simplify purchasing processes via social media

This article includes several comments from Gene Bornac, vice president, Boston Retail Partners.

Read full report: SOCIAL ANALYTICS INTELLIGENCE: From Passive Measurement To Active Engagement

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