Start anywhere, finish anywhere commerce is future of digital retail: BRP

Luxury Daily – Retailers are increasingly in tune with consumers’ expectations of personalized, seamless experiences across channels, with 56 percent of brands citing this as a top digital priority going forward, according to a new report by Boston Retail Partners.

As consumers and retailers alike have embraced mobile and online selling, the traditional retail silo model has been broken down to create a bridge between the physical and digital. Likewise, retailers now have a better grasp on bringing consumers an individualized and streamlined shopping experience, wherever, whenever and however they prefer to shop.

“This survey really demonstrates that retailers realize the importance of unified commerce and are moving the heart of the transaction to a centralized platform, this frees up their digital commerce applications to be more innovative and agile,” said Jeffrey Neville, vice president at Boston Retail Partners. “This allows retailers to utilize digital commerce to offer a personalized, ubiquitous and unified customer experience across channels in an efficient way.

“Online shopping has redefined the standards for the retail customer experience and capabilities,” he said. “The online or mobile shopper is now accustomed to receiving personalized offers and recommendations and having online retailers recognize them and their preferences whenever they shop.

“Today’s customers are no longer satisfied with a ‘one size fits all’ experience – they expect retailers to put time and effort into offering a personalized experience and if they don’t get it they will find a retailer who offers it.”

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