Study: Brick-and-mortar shoppers make it personal

Chain Store Age – Even in the age of self-checkout, consumers want a personalized store experience. According to results from a new special report on personalization from Boston Retail Partners (BRP), 79% of consumers indicate that personalized service is an important factor in determining at which store they choose to shop. Yet only 53% of retailers listed personalization as one of their top customer engagement priorities for 2019, revealing a store experience disconnect between retailers and customers.

“Effective customer engagement requires retailers to offer a personalized, relevant, compelling and consistent experience across channels,” said Ken Morris, principal at BRP. “In today’s crowded and highly competitive market, personalization is a critical component for optimizing the customer’s shopping experience. Customer identification is necessary to personalize the in-store shopping experience; however, 63% of retailers can’t identify their customers prior to checkout, which is too late to empower the associate to influence the current purchase decision.”

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