Study Shows Demand for Personalization for Better In-Store Experience

WWD – The survey from BRP noted that just over half of retailers surveyed see personalization as a top priority. Amid retail’s digital convergence transformation, traditional brick-and-mortar companies may have a lifeline: investments in creating a more personalized in-store shopping experience. That assessment is based on a survey by retail management consulting firm Boston Retail Partners, which found that shoppers welcome a more personalized in-store experience. But just over half of retailers cite personalization as a priority.

Researchers at the firm said in the report that while 79 percent of consumers polled want an in-store shopping experience, 53 percent of retailers are “focused on personalization as a top customer engagement priority.” “Personalization technology is bringing new life to brick-and mortar stores as the physical and digital retail environments collide and customers expect a personalized experience in every channel,” authors of the report noted. “Retailers must infuse digital features into the store environment to exceed customer expectations, compete more effectively and offer a more complete and personalized shopping experience.” Ken Morris, principal at BRP, said effective customer engagement “requires retailers to offer a personalized, relevant, compelling and consistent experience across channels.

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