Survey: Customer in-store experience depends on age

Drug Store News – Customer expectations of the in-store experience depend on whether they are older or younger than 38. According to a new survey of 1,298 consumers from Boston Retail Partners (BRP), “Consumer Shopping Habits — The Generation Gap,” digital consumers age 18-37 approach brick-and-mortar stores very differently than traditional consumers age 38 and up.

For example, digital consumers tend to want in-store technology that enables personalized shopping. Sixty-five percent want personalized recommendations, while 61% want a curated selection of products from stylists and 60% want recommendations based on what is in their closet.

Meanwhile, traditional consumers are more interested in technology that helps ensure product availability – 63% want associates to have the ability to order out-of-stock products and 60% want the ability to search in-store inventory availability.

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