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Customer Engagement & Personalization are HOT Topics!

CRM Study Report2A good barometer of what topics are hot is the media coverage a press release receives.  A week and a half ago, we issued a press release on the results of our CRM/Unified Commerce Study and there have been 24 articles covering this topic.  The key priorities identified by retailers in the Boston Retail Partners 1st Annual CRM/Unified Commerce Benchmark Survey focused on enhancing customer engagement, collecting and analyzing customer behavior and personalizing the experience.

This news has received more coverage than any other press release that I have issued in the past 15 years (including more than 100 releases at two $5+ billion companies).  This is real evidence that customer engagement and personalization are very hot topics in the retail industry. It also supports the priority that retailers are making on delivering “real-time retail.”

Here is a list of the media coverage to date:

93 Percent of Retailers Strive to Bridge E-Commerce and In-Store Supply Chains

Only 38% of Marketers Can Separate Prospects From Existing Customers

Most retailers plan to find out who’s in-store

Most Retailers Plan To Soon Be Able To Identify Customers When They Walk Into Their Stores
Business Insider

Customer Experience, Engagement Among Top Retail Initiatives: Study

Survey: Customer Engagement Top Retail Initiative 
Independent Retailer

Upward Trend: Identifying 75% of Customers When They Walk in Your Store
Loyalty 360

From omni-channel retail to unified commerce, smart shopping is on its way
Telecom TV

Most Retailers Can’t Yet Identify Shoppers via Mobile

Identifying customers in-store is high on retailers’ agendas

Unified Commerce- The New Mantra for Retailers?

75% of retailers will identify customers at hello by 2019

Study reveals within 5 years, 75% of merchants plan to ID customers
The Green Sheet

Only 3pc of retailers recognize in-store shoppers via mobile: report and

Retailers Must Merge Marketing and IT Strategies to Enhance Customer Engagement Experience
VSR Magazine

Survey: Three in four retailers plan to identify customers in-store
Chain Store Age

Retailers have plans to connect in-store


Customer Engagement Top Goal For Retailers
Convenience Store Decisions

Retailers want to gather all possible information about their customers – Shopping Center Industry News

Boston Retail Partners: Within 5 Years, 75% of Retailers Plan to Identify Customers when they Walk in the Store.

Drug Store News

Within 5 Years, 75% of Retailers Plan to Identify Customers When They Walk in the Store


NETWORKS – The Retail Enabler

Significant advances in networks in the past decade are transforming retail, as we know it. However, the transformation isn’t pervasive yet, as the adoption of the latest network technologies requires planning and commitment.

NetworkCorporate, regional and district executives expect instant access to sales transactional data, customer counts, and in-store occurrences via an IP-based camera system. Additionally, new networking capabilities have brought the expectation that sales associates are given visibility and access to inventory located anywhere in the supply chain in real-time. The network is also taking center stage by enabling a mobile world where consumers drive self-checkout on their smartphone, interact with their friends in real-time on purchase decisions, and receive discounts and personalized pricing as they are shopping.

Retailers are consistently looking for ways to improve the in-store experience by providing consumer experiences that surpass expectations. From training services and software to bettering speed and reliability at the point of sale, the demand for process improvement is continual. Yet, despite the desire for progress, a rut has been created in the market of networking. Because of contract obligations and short-term demands, companies end up paying more money for bandwidth, while never re-engineering to accommodate the powerful system that they need.

To illustrate the dilemma, in a 2014 POS/Customer Engagement Benchmarking Survey conducted by Boston Retail Partners, more than one-third of retailers surveyed stated they have no plans to migrate from IPSEC to a private network. Further, around 30 percent cited they have no plans to utilize voice over Internet protocol (VoIP), instead continuing to use “plain old telephone service” (POTS) technology rather than actualizing on the cost savings of VoIP integration.

Taking the step towards change may be difficult due to concerns about downtime and blackouts. Though these are legitimate concerns, the fact remains that we now have one of the most robust and reliable network infrastructures in the world. While in the past, centralization of the point-of-sale process would not have been viable due to unstable telecommunications networks, massive investments in infrastructure have changed the landscape. In fact, research shows that the reliability of today’s networks provide 99.999% up time. (Source: Galvin Electricity Initiative).

We are at a strategic inflection point where the network is truly transforming retail and the customer experience.

How will you capitalize on this opportunity?

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