BRP Consulting Introduces New Network Assessment Service to Help Retailers Increase Bandwidth, Improve Reliability and Reduce Costs

In-depth Assessment Simplifies and Optimizes Network Capabilities to Enable Real-time Retail and Enhance the Shopping Experience

Boston, MA – July 10, 2018– BRP announces a new Retail Network Assessment Service to help retailers transform their networks and support the enhanced shopping experiences consumers now expect. Over the last nine years, BRP has helped many retail companies simplify and optimize their network to increase bandwidth, improve reliability, reduce costs and enhance the customer experience. Packaging BRP’s proven best practices and assessment methodology into this new offering enables more companies to achieve the significant benefits of an optimized network.

“Customer expectations are higher than ever and the plethora of new applications retailers are introducing to improve the customer experience put a strain on current bandwidth and create network bottlenecks,” said Ken Morris, principal, BRP. “Slow, outdated networks are not acceptable, as they frustrate and alienate customers and store associates. Now is the time to simplify and optimize the retail network to support the store of the future. One of the first steps is to find and replace plain old telephone systems (POTS) lines, that support non-IT departments like store operations and security, with VoIP to achieve significant cost savings that can fund other initiatives.”

As retailers continue to deploy more applications via the cloud, along with implementing data rich services; a simple, fast, agile, reliable and secure network solution is imperative for a successful transformation to the future store.

With an in-depth assessment of a retailer’s network ecosystem, there are often many ways to simplify and improve performance. By consolidating solutions and implementing SD-WAN, retailers can optimize and increase bandwidth, while providing 100 percent uptime. Through this assessment retailers can realize many benefits:

  • Elimination of plain old telephone service (POTS) lines
  • Significantly increased bandwidth
  • Improved network reliability, capability and diversity
  • Reduction in total network spend

To learn more about BRP’s Retail Network Assessment Services and request an assessment of your network environment, visit:

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