Payment security top priority for retailers in 2015

LUXURY DAILY – More than 63 percent of retailers list payment security within their top three priorities for 2015, according to a new report by Boston Retail Partners.

While most retailers have been breached at least once, largely publicized data losses within the past year have brought to light the need for further security procedures. Establishing revamped systems can help prevent hackers from accessing client information and help retailers retain consumers’ trust.

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Dillard’s Seeks Positive Growth From A Heavy E-Commerce Push – As Dillard’s faces off against competitors like Nordstrom, Macy’s, Amazon and eBay, it will need to continue prioritizing e-commerce and its online presence.  Dillard’s will need to increasingly blend the worlds of e-commerce and brick and mortar. Having recently attended the National Retail Federation Big Show, Connolly noticed a huge focus on improving customer analytics and using technology like beacons, which can send messages to nearby shoppers’ phones. Retailers are also using technology to help reduce checkout lines by arming staff with tablets and letting them check out customers throughout a store. They are also using interactive digital displays and mobile payments–the options for digital opportunities in-store are endless.

See quotes from Ken Morris, principal at Boston Retail Partners, on page 2 of this article.

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2015 Outlook: The Customer Experience is Key

RIS News – Byline article by Ken Morris, principal, Boston Retail Partners, focuses on retailers top IT priorities for 2015. As we look to 2015, rather than speculate what top retailers will focus on, we asked them about their priorities in a series of surveys over the past year.

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2015 Outlook: The Customer Experience is Key


Chain of Command

PROGRESSIVE GROCER – Retailers are more focused than ever on their supply chain, as consumers’ expectations continue to soar. This two-page article includes several quotes from Ken Morris, principal, Boston Retail Partners, and BRP’s Supply Chain Survey.

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Facing Fears in Omnichannel

VSR MAGAZINE – Over the past year, the term “omnichannel” has plummeted from buzz-worthy to cringe-inducing status. Even the smallest brick-and-mortar merchants know what it is, but many are intimidated. This article includes statistics from BRP surveys and quotes from Walter Deacon.

Bridging The Omnichannel Experience Through Personalization

APPAREL MAGAZINE – The retail industry continues to adapt to the rising expectations and needs of today’s digital consumer by offering a personalized experience through an omnichannel environment.

Cloud Update: Winning Retail Strategies

RETAIL TOUCHPOINTS – Retailers say that scalability, flexibility, reduced costs, greater uptime and premium brand experiences are just some of the benefits raining down from their cloud implementations. Hear the insights on cloud-based applications (including POS) from industry thought leaders including Ken Morris, principal, Boston Retail Partners.

A Conversation With BRP: The Future Of Omni-Channel Retailing

During a recent interview, a few of the consultants at BRP participated in an interesting discussion about the future of Omni-Channel Retailing.

A_Conversation_with_BRP-The Future of Omni-channel Retailing

VIDEO: Cyber Monday Kill Black Friday?

CNBC – ComScore says shoppers spent $1.5 billion on Cyber Monday, with Michael Matacunas, Parker Avery Consulting, and Walter Deacon, Boston Retail Partners. What impact did Cyber Monday have on Black Friday?