Aptos and BRP Announce Alliance to Accelerate Retail Transformation

Aptos’ leading retail technology and BRP’s strategy and implementation expertise offer retailers a complete solution to leverage innovative omnichannel technology to improve the customer experience

ATLANTA — December 18, 2018 — Aptos, Inc.,a recognized market leader in retail technology solutions, and BRP, an innovative retail management consulting firm, today announced an alliance to help retailers quickly adapt their operations to meet elevated customer expectations. The customer journey and associated expectations continue to rapidly evolve — driving a major transformation in retail. However, the legacy retail applications and infrastructure still in place at many retail organizations are not properly equipped to support changing retail models or continuously evolving customer expectations.

“Retailers recognize they need to quickly adapt to shifting customer expectations; however, the process to transform their operations seems daunting based on their current IT demands,” said Aptos CEO and culture leader Noel Goggin. “The combination of innovative technology from Aptos and expert consulting services from BRP offers retailers a proven path forward to rapidly transform their businesses to meet new customer expectations.”

“Yesterday’s retail model is dead. The customer journey has changed, driven in large part by mobile technology, and retailers’ need to accelerate the transformation of their organizations, business processes and technology to align with the demands of their customers,” said Brian Brunk, Principal, BRP. “Agility is the key to successful retail transformation and must permeate the entire organization. Victory belongs to the agile.”

Aptos and BRP have recently collaborated on innovative POS implementation projects that leveraged an Agile Approach, which helped the retailers deploy POS software 50 percent faster than traditional efforts. Aptos and BRP’s Agile Approach enables organizations to get to market faster by encouraging cross-organizational teamwork, collaboration and adaptability, all while ensuring better organizational ownership and more efficient adoption of newly implemented solutions. With significantly faster project completion times, retailers reduce the associated risks and costs throughout the lifecycle of the project.

About Aptos “Engaging Customers Differently”
In an era of virtually limitless choice, sustained competitive advantage only comes to retailers who engage customers differently – by truly understanding who they are, what they want and why they buy. At Aptos, we too, believe that Engaging Customers Differently™ is critical to our success. We are committed to a deep understanding of each of our clients, to fulfilling their needs with the retail industry’s most comprehensive omni-channel solutions, and to fostering long-term relationships built on tangible value and trust. More than 1,000 retail brands rely upon our Singular Commerce™ platform to deliver every shopper a personalized, empowered and seamless experience…no matter when, where or how they shop. Learn more: Follow Aptos on Twitter @Aptos_Retail

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About BRP

BRP is an innovative retail management consulting firm dedicated to providing superior service and enduring value to our clients. BRP combines its consultants’ deep retail business knowledge and cross-functional capabilities to deliver superior design and implementation of strategy, technology, and process solutions. The firm’s unique combination of industry focus, knowledge-based approach, and rapid, end-to-end solution deployment helps clients to achieve their business potential. BRP’s consulting services include:

Strategy | Business Intelligence | Business Process Optimization | Point of Sale (POS)
Mobile POS | Payment Security | E-Commerce | Store Systems and Operations | CRM
Unified Commerce | Customer Experience | Order Management | Networks
Merchandise Management | Supply Chain | Private Equity

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An Agile Mindset Could Be Key for Retail Transformation

Convenience Store Decisions – An Agile approach can help with product completion times. A new report from BRP, retail consulting firm, reveals that an agile mindset can make a big difference in a company’s ability to quickly adapt to changes. With the swift pace of disruption occurring today, retail winners need to accelerate the transformation of their business processes, organization and technology to align with the demands of their customers.

Adopting an Agile mindset allows organizations to quickly respond to changing customer demands. The BRP Insights: Agile – The Key to Accelerating your Retail Transformation report provides valuable information on how to employ an Agile mindset and approach within your organization.

“Retailers need to quickly adapt to constantly changing and elevated customer expectations, and traditional approaches to technology and processes are not nimble enough – traditional waterfall approaches deliver last year’s requirements today,” said Ken Morris, principal, BRP. “With an Agile approach, retailers can accelerate project completion times, reduce the associated risks, match today’s requirements and lower costs throughout the lifecycle of the project.”

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