MGM's classic horror films rise from dead on Snapchat

Mobile Marketer – Film studio MGM and distribution partner Fox Studios are reimagining famous scenes from classic horror films for the mobile, social age via vertical videos on Snapchat, Twitter and other social platforms that promote the iconic movies in time for Halloween.

Halloween content is flooding social media feeds as the holiday draws nearer, but the film studio’s interpretation is sharing an innovative concept exciting users on the pop-culture references to promote the classic collection. Social media users can follow MGM on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook or Fox horror on Snapchat for a social media interpretation of famous scenes from its horror classic collection, such as a scene from Misery in vertical video form with text reading “where am I” in the well-known Snapchat format.

“Leveraging new media for classic films is a creative way to get younger generations interested in older movies that they may have never seen,” said Ken Morris, principal at Boston Retail Partners. “Engaging thousands of social media followers will extend the promotional reach of the campaign and has the potential for it to become viral.”

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How Express could introduce two-way Snapchat marketing to retailers

Mobile Marketer – Express’ use of its public Snapchat account to foster two-way communication between the brand and its loyal fans could soon bring other millennial-friendly retailers to the fray, especially once they discover the potential for receiving customer feedback on new styles.

The retailer has been taking to its Snapchat Story to issue calls-to-action to its followers, encouraging them to send photos back to the account of themselves donning Express’ latest styles for a chance to be featured on the public account. The ability to respond to Snapchat Stories may come in handy for retailers seeking to undertake quick surveys of new products or build long-lasting relationships with consumers in a way that feels organic.

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“Any vehicle that fosters two-way communication with customers is a valuable marketing tool,” said David Naumann, director of marketing at Boston Retail Partners, Boston. “Express is taking Snapchat to the next level to enhance engagement with its brand enthusiasts.”

“According to Snapchat statistics, 86 percent of Snapchat users are under 35 years old,” he said. “Retailers that are popular among millennial and younger generations are an ideal fit to leverage Snapchat to curate more intimate relationships with their customers.”

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How public Snapchat accounts humanize retail brands

Mobile Marketer – White House Black Market’s recent introduction of a public Snapchat account is the latest example of how retailers are embracing the platform for its potential to more effectively draw in younger consumers compared to other social platforms through a mix of behind-the-scenes pictures and spotlighted products.

The Snapchat “Stories” feature, which enables users to upload a photo or video that can be seen by all of their followers for a 24-hour period, is now evolving into a marketing tool for retailers to tease fans with footage from company events or sneak peeks at new clothing lines. A slew of brands favored by millennials have jumped on the social bandwagon, including White House Black Market, Express and Lilly Pulitzer.

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