Tod’s taps WeChat’s ecommerce capabilities to launch influencer collection

Luxury Daily – Italian fashion label Tod’s is partnering with Chinese social network WeChat and influencer Mr. Bags for a new digital pop-up shop.

The pop-up combines editorial content with shopping, allowing customers to learn more about the products and their creation before making the purchase directly through WeChat. The collaboration emphasizes not only the importance of ecommerce but also the continued crossover between European luxury and China.

“Digital pop-up shops are following in the footsteps of physical pop-up shops that are currently a hot retail trend,” said Jeffrey Neville, senior vice president and practice lead at Boston Retail Partners, Boston. “Pop-ups appeal to consumers because they offer access to limited-run merchandise that continually changes.

“From a brand perspective, digital pop-ups expose customers that don’t normally shop a brand to their product, create a sense of urgency to ‘buy before it’s gone’ and present an opportunity for retailers to move slow-moving or over-inventoried products.”

“Retailers need to move beyond worrying about Amazon to finding creative ways to leverage platforms and/or partnerships that quickly expose their products to more customers while creating brand loyalty to drive incremental revenues,” Boston Retail Partners’ Mr. Neville said. “Tod’s use of WeChat’s Mini Program is a smart strategy to extend the reach of the limited-time, exclusive pop-up shop and make the purchase frictionless with WeChat Pay.

“The WeChat Mini Program is a logical extension to WeChat’s globally dominant platform, with more than 1 billion active users, that combines chat, social media and payments.”

“Consumers expect personalized shopping experiences and curated assortments,” Mr. Neville said. “Pop-up shops help consumers identify with brands that resonate with them.

“Luxury brands that offer curated products in online pop-up shops that are promoted to individuals based on customer context will have the greatest success,” he said.

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Dior taps WeChat’s direct-to-consumer potential in social selling effort

Luxury Daily – With bricks-and-mortar sales continuing to decline, social selling is poised to alter the current retail model by facilitating purchases seamlessly through branded communication.

French atelier Christian Dior recently tried its hand at social selling by offering its followers on Chinese messaging and social application WeChat the opportunity to purchase a limited-edition handbag directly through a post. While not alone in its WeChat efforts, Dior has become the first luxury house to sell a high-end handbag through the app, showing its potential for direct-to-consumer sales.
“While social selling represents another sales channel for retail, its impact on total sales has been very minimal and it’s not a ‘silver bullet’ to retail success,” said David Naumann, vice president of marketing at Boston Retail Partners.

“Retailers will continue to experiment with different social media campaigns across multiple social media platforms where their target audience is active and concentrate on the ones that are most successful,” he said. “The recent success Dior experienced with its WeChat campaign of limited-edition handbags in China was phenomenal.

“According to a BI Intelligence report, 90 percent of WeChat users are in China with nearly 700 million users based in China.”

Mr. Naumann is not affiliated with Dior, but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

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