Tech Bytes: A tale of three ‘experiential’ retailers

Chain Store Age – It doesn’t matter whether shoppers are buying a carton of milk or couture — a memorable in-store shopping experience is what drives loyalty. With a keen eye on personalization and in-store digital solutions, mere store visits can be transformed into sought-after “experiences.”

At a minimum, consumers expect to be engaged the minute they enter their favorite store. The best case scenario is to be recognized throughout their visit. In fact, 62% of retailers reported that customer identification and a personalized store experiences are among their top three engagement priorities, according to “The 17th Annual POS/Engagement Survey 2016,” from Boston Retail Partners.
Yet, the hard truth is that in-store experiences continue to fall short when it comes to engaging shoppers. Consumers are used to receiving personalized offers and service when interacting with their favorite brands through digital touch points, and now demand the same service in-store.

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