Tech Bytes: Note to retailers: Time to make the shift to unified commerce

Chain Store Age – It happens all the time. A customer goes on a shopping spree, gets home and checks email — only to find a valuable promotion for a store she just left. In an era when time-starved customers are more digitally-savvy than ever before, retailers need to step up and manage a brand in total versus managing separate channels, if they want to maintain loyalty.

Shoppers expect a complete brand experience, not disjointed channel visits. They need to be able to channel hop and see the exact same thing. As brands strive for a holistic customer experience, they need a centralized, real-time platform that merges all customer engagement points, including point-of-sale (POS), mobile, e-commerce, call centers and clienteling solutions, to stay abreast of all customer interactions throughout the path-to-purchase. Enter the unified commerce business model.

While it remains an evolving concept, there is early movement. Currently, 18% of retailers have a unified commerce/single commerce platform, according to “Unified Commerce is the Goal, ‘Faux Omnichannel Retail is the Reality!,” a new report from Boston Retail Partners. However, two-thirds of these companies indicated that their efforts “need improvement.” And no company is immune to the growing pains.

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